"I am taking source imagery from found photographs just outside of living memory. My intention is not to exactly copy the images, which seems a little redundant, but to interpret them through inventive color schemes and brushwork. A strong color palette creates a straight-faced surrealism. Photos of strangers in the past remind me of the cognitive dissonance I feel when looking at my own family photographs. Our family tree is a bit complicated, and even something as innocent as looking at our archives opens up emotional minefields.  I’m wrestling with “nostalgia”. If we define nostalgia as stories of the past we tell ourselves to justify our present, then how do we reconcile the unknown or the uncomfortable facts we discover?"


Sandra Cipollone grew up in Waukesha and Hartland, Wisconsin. She received her BFA from UW-Madison in 1996, and currently lives in Milwaukee. Her paintings and prints have shown in Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton, and Austin, Texas. She participated in the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network’s Mentor program, where she was mentored by Della Wells. She won an Honorable Mention for her painting Anonymous Iconic (detail is third to the right on this page) at the 2018 Wisconsin Artists Biennial.

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