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My art practice is both a personal luxury and personal necessity. Raised in a working class background, I was led to believe that artists were privileged outliers. Being an artist was not an attainable goal. Painting on the side, after a normal workday, was the acceptable option. My practice is a rebellion from, and a denial of, the low expectations I was raised with.


Then there is the necessity. I struggle with most forms of communication and connection, so I turn to image making to compensate for my shortcomings. I use color, composition and visual storytelling to both find a place in the world and comment on it. I’m attracted to entropy, the uncanny and the subversive. Sometimes I just need to put down the shapes and colors in my mind for my own pleasure. While there is always a hope for communication with an audience, at the end of the day, I really just make the work to prove to myself that I can.

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